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Virtual+ Experience


The Virtual+ Learning Experience will bring connections and education to PLUS Team members.  Virtual+ will offer three experiences to consist of 20 unique sessions of training and student engagement.  All sessions are 45 – 60 minutes. These include:

  • PLUS Team Leadership Development. PLUS team Members will works alongside John Vandenburgh and discover the essentials to facilitating the activities of the PLUS Program with a specific focus on effective social distancing strategies and activities for PLUS Implementation.
  • Virtual+ Training Series. Trainers from across the country will present workshops that focus on the critical issues impacting students. Topics include but are not limited to: Vaping, Bullying, Wellness, Mindfulness, Grief support and more.
  • Virtual+ Shouts. These 60-minute sessions will look for student engagement and participation from PLUS Teams. Each session will include: Presentation by John Vandenburgh and his friends! Guest speakers who are partners of the PLUS Program or Alumni will share their insight and stories. Also PLUS Team Shouts/Ted+ Talk, Think Tanks and Presentations delivered by PLUS Team members.

Speaking & Training Partners of PLUS

What Will Virtual+ Do for PLUS Team Members?

  • PLUS Team Development -PLUS Team members will have the opportunity to work with John Vandenburgh, the author of the PLUS program.John will share his insights and the strategies that make PLUS evidence based and proven! PLUS Team Members will enhance their facilitation skills, while working and sharing with other PLUS Teams.
  • Virtual+ Training Series -PLUS Team members will learn the critical issues impacting youth from Nationally recognized trainers who will share their research and ideas on addressing emerging youth trends.The Virtual+ training series will equip PLUS Teams with information to effectively develop activities to address school climate and student engagement.
  • Virtual+ Shouts -PLUS Team members will have fun while engaging and learning from each other. They will get the opportunity to learn and share their activities, perspectives and ideas with other PLUS Teams through presentations, Shouts, Ted+ Talks and Think Tanks. Team Members will be motivated by guest speakers who include alumni and partners of the of the PLUS Program.

Virtual+ Learning Experience 20 Sessions

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  • PLUS Team Leadership
    • 8/19, 8/26, 9/2, 9/16, 9/23, & 9/30
  • Virtual+ Leadership Training Series
    • 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4 & 11/10
  • Virtual+ Shouts
    • 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, & 10/30,
    • 11/6, 11/12, 11/19, & 12/3


  • PLUS Team Leadership Development
    • 6 Sessions = $295.00 per team
  • Virtual+ Training Series
    • 6 Sessions = $295 per team
  • Virtual+ Shouts
    • 8 Sessions = $295 per team
  • Virtual+ Package. Includes all Sessions
    • 20 Sessions = $695 per team

Trainer Provider Of the PLUS Program

For District Pricing and Multiple Schools - Contact:

Format and Guidelines

  • All sessions of Virtual+ will be delivered in 45- 60 minutes sessions via a Zoom webinar.  All PLUS Team members must have access to login and make a Zoom account.  Visit to learn more.
  • All registered PLUS Teams can have a  maximum of 25 participants for team registration.  If you have more than 25 PLUS team members, please contact the PLUS office to register more students. Advisors are FREE to attend.
  • Session times will be decided in July once school schedules are established.  Timelines for optimal training sessions will be decided as a result of collaboration with PLUS Teachers.
  • All sessions will be recorded and a link will be accessible for all PLUS Team members and advisors for reference.
  • A link for each session will be sent to the advisor of the PLUS Team at each school.  The PLUS Advisor will be responsible for sending out the link to the PLUS Team Members.  Links for the sessions will not be sent until 24 hours prior to the session.
  • Advisors will send a roster of registered PLUS Team Members for Training Session attendance.