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PLUS Advisor Development Training

Training only for:

  • All New and returning PLUS advisors, Counselors and Administrators

Training Cost:

  • $995.00 per staff member  (*This does not include the PLUS Implementation Kit.  All Schools must purchase the PLUS Implementation kit prior to the Advisor Training)
  • $1490.00 per staff member (*Includes the PLUS Implementation Kit.  All attendees must must have access to the PLUS Implementation kit prior to the Advisor Development Training)

Upcoming Training Dates: (All Training dates are subjective to change as needed)

    • August 3, 2022 (8:30 am - 3:30 pm)


  • Bella Vista Middle School
  • 31650 Browning St, Murrieta, CA 92563


  • 1 Attendee per school site will receive training- (Additional Staff cost $995 per)


  • All PLUS Training will be implemented in person with follow training online.  The Ongoing PLUS Development Training will offer (3) training Cohorts for participation in a school year.
  • Training dates and times will be determined prior.
  • Training topics will include:
    • PLUS Program Overview and Research Findings
    • Student Selection
    • Forum Implementation
    • Classroom Development and teaching PLUS
    • Alignment with School and District initiatives
    • Survey development, facilitation and assessment
    • Activity enhancement as a result of data findings
    • Social and Emotional Learning Activity Development
    • Community Engagement
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You will be redirected to PCE Solutions for registration.  PCE Solutions is a 501c3 and serves as the licensed training provider of the PLUS Program.