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Safe Schools Conference Training Series

Register now for an upcoming training in your area.  The Safe Schools Conference is proud to partner with school safety providers from across the country to offer a series of Safe School Trainings throughout the school year.  

Upcoming Training


San Diego, CA- (San Diego COE) - Fall 2017

Modesto, CA - (Stanislaus COE) - Fall 2017


The PLUS Program training focuses on how to build a researched based peer-to-peer program that focuses on universal interventions on a campus. Participants will learn how to:

  • Target core campus issues impacting School Climate, using data to track and monitor progress.
  • Trend local behavior with unlimited access to the Direction Survey and Resource Database.
  • Develop a peer-to-peer program to increase student engagement and peer connections.
  • Align Program Development with district accountability plans Learn how to use a set of activities and data gathering tools to find Qualitative and Quantitative data to drive decision making process

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DiSu Temp Style Guide[3]

San Diego, CA - Spring 2007

Direction Survey has revolutionized how schools are able to measure school climate and student engagement. Direction Survey has been developed to simplify the LCAP process, strengthen PBIS plans, and lessen the workload for school administrators responsible for gathering data.

Upon Completion of the Training:

  • Gain access to Direction Survey
  • Identify significant disproportionate data using online reports
  • Tailor survey development to meet the local needs of the school community you serve
  • Use planning tools to accurately address Local Control Accountability Planning needs based on data analytics
  • Cross analyze comparison data to local, regional, state, and national norms
  • Immediate comparison analysis of student subgroups and their school experiences

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