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“We’re all leaders of our life, but to be an effective leader of others, you have to start with being able to lead yourself.” – Ken Blanchard

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Student Self Leadership - Complete Course

Implementing the PLUS program in schools brings inevitable challenges and our PLUS team leaders need the mindset and skillset to meet those challenges. When students lead themselves well, they are more successful and fulfilled in school, at work and in life.

The PLUS Program has partnered with the Blanchard Institute to bring a proven global leadership model to our PLUS Team members.  Blanchard Institute's Student Self Leadership Complete Course is for facilitators of middle school and high school students who need a flexible method to teach students to become self leaders.

The course design fits the needs of facilitators and students. It can be taught over a quarter, a semester, a year or modified to teach over a weekend. Teachers and facilitators can learn to facilitate the course successfully using online videos, slides, lesson plans and handouts. These same items can then be used to teach students. No training for trainers is required.

Managers and employees worldwide have been trained in these concepts developed by Ken Blanchard. Now PLUS Team members across the country have the opportunity to learn the same time- tested, real-life leadership skills at an early age.

Learning Modules


PLUS Application

Making Connections

In this module students share about themselves, listen to others and understand the importance of their role and responsibilities within the group. Students will also learn presentation skills and social communication skills.

The essential ingredient of a strong PLUS Program are a team of leaders who able to build connections with peers on their campus.  The PLUS Forum is a critical activity that needs facilitators who can work with a diverse group of participants and assure they are making peer connections.

Problem Solving

This module is an interactive activity enabling students to work independently or collaboratively to solve a problem and analyze various strategies.

PLUS is a Youth Participatory Action Research model that uses student leaders to research risk factors impacting their school community.  Assessing data and developing solutions to address the problems is the foundation to which PLUS is built on.

Goal Setting

In this module students learn how to set specific and quality goals that they can achieve. Middle schoolers learn the WWW.COM model and high schoolers learn the SMART model.

PLUS Team members need to build SEL competencies and learn the skills neede to Self Manage.  The ability to set goals and work towards them individually and collaboratively as a team is an essential skill that is used regularly in a school year.

The Four Leadership Styles

In this module students learn the four combinations of directive and supportive behavior used to match the needs of each development level. The SLII Model is used to teach matching leadership styles to development levels.

The strength of the PLUS Team is the collective leadership styles the have been brought together as a team to address critical issues in schools.  Knowing the SLII Model will enable PLUS Teams to target the correct leaders for each situation they encounter.

Points of Power

In this module students learn the five points of power: position power, relationship power, task power, knowledge power and personal power. People may have points of power in several areas or only in a couple. They can increase their points of power and develop new power through new learning and experience.

PLUS team members who understand the Points of Power will be able to effectively influence the behavior changed needed within their peers.  As a PLUS Team member, knowing how to use specific powers to motivate peers during the decision making process, is a critical skill to have.

Empathy for Self and Others

In this module students learn the importance of positive communication with others, positive affirmations for themselves, disagreeing respectfully and changing negative habits.

The activities of the PLUS Program require student leaders who can facilitate small focus groups that engage in conversations with a diverse cross section of their peers.  Having PLUS Team leaders who understand, model and discuss empathy is an asset to all schools.

The Four Development Levels

In this module students learn four development levels that people go through when learning something new or mastering a skill.

PLUS Team members will always look to get better at different skills throughout the school year.  Having a strong understanding of how to learn will be essential when developing lessons and activities to engage their peers in.

Collaborating with Leaders and Peers

In this module students participate in activities that support collaboration, team goals or problem solving.

Every activity of the PLUS program is designed to be implemented as a team.  PLUS Team members need to learn skills to effectively collaborate and solve problems as a team

Personal Mission Statement

In this module students learn to write clearly defined mission statements that help them clarify their purpose in life. It can help them keep focused on the direction they’re headed. Understanding their mission gives students a better perspective on how their actions contribute to achieving

PLUS Team members need to understand their roles, responsibilities and purpose.  Each member will serve in a different capacity on the PLUS Team.  By understanding their personal mission, they will have a clearer perspective on their value to the PLUS team and the students body as a whole.