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When developing the PLUS Program, schools can choose between two options for implementation:

Offsite Training Package

The Training Package develops the PLUS Program through a series of Training that the PLUS Staff and Students attend throughout the school year.  PLUS Staff must sign up to participate in selected training.  These training include:

  • Certified Trainer Course
  • Data Integration and Planning
  • Forum Facilitator Training for Students
  • Follow up Program Development Workshops

Consultant Package

The Consultant Package brings our team and all PLUS Training to the school district.  The multi-phase approach allows for PLUS to be tailored to align with district initiatives and school site needs.  Program development includes:

  • Data Integration: Set Up,Training and Analysis
  • PLUS Staff Development: Align with District Initiatives
  • Student Awareness Seminars - PLUS Team Recruitment
  • Forum Facilitator Training