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Trainer Certificate Course

Required for School Site or District Wide PLUS Implementation

University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy Safe Communities Institute (SCI)offers a Trainer Certification Course (TCC) for individuals who are interested in receiving a Safe School Climate Certificate (SSCC) and recognized as a certified trainer of the PLUS Program. Includes:

  •  Safe School Climate Certificate from USC.
  • Certified Trainer of the PLUS Program
  • Access to the PLUS Program Implementation Kit.

Ongoing Staff Development

Designed for Staff Already doing the PLUS Program

The training focuses on how to sustain the PLUS program and align it with school and district action plans. It is required that participants have already been trained by a Certified PLUS Trainer.

Training topics will include:

  • Classroom Development and teaching PLUS
  • Alignment with School and District initiatives
  • Survey development, facilitation and assessment

Consultant Package

Requires PLUS Program Development at Multiple School Sites.

The Consultant Package brings our team and all PLUS Training to the school district.  The multi-phase approach allows for PLUS to be tailored to align with district initiatives and school site needs.  Program development includes:

  • Data Integration: Set Up,Training and Analysis
  • PLUS Staff Development: Align with District Initiatives
  • Student Awareness Seminars - PLUS Team Recruitment
  • Forum Facilitator Training