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This comprehensive two-day training will equip staff members with a a strong understanding of how to build positive school climate and the impact on youth development, student engagement and developing a safe school environment for all students. Participants will learn the fundamentals to successfully implement the PLUS Program on a school site or in an after school setting. Participants learn a researched based model that utilizes a series of elements that will:

  • Build Student Connections with the development of peer to peer programming.
  • Gather qualitative and quantitative data using a student led activities and online survey tools.
  • Guide student leadership activities as a result of data findings.

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Participants of the Trainer Course Include:

  • Counselors,Teachers, and Administrators
  • After School Program Staff
  • School Activity Directors
  • School Resource Officers and Campus Security
  • PBIS Staff, Safe School Coordinator, LCAP Committee Members

Training Learning Objectives:

Participants of a PLUS Trainer Course will learn:

  • Research findings and recommendations for building a safe school environment.
  • How to utilize a series of activities that serve to:
    • Build student connections.
    • Gather qualitative and quantitative data.
    • Empower students with opportunities for program development planning based on data findings.
  • The Direction Survey and Resource Database and how to administer surveys both online and with PDF Printouts.
  • How to administer the National Youth At Risk Surveys to gather deeper understand of specific targeted behavior.
  • Survey development design and proper school wide implementation.
  • How to work alongside and plug into the elements of PBIS on a campus.
  • How to effectively build a student led peer to peer program that includes:
    • Advisor responsibilities
    • Student selection process
    • Activity implementation
    • Forum development
    • Budget and funding strategies
    • Student and staff trainings
    • Data Gathering and school climate activity implementation
    • Activities to use in table top scenario trainings with students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the trainings held at?
  • All Certified Trainer Courses are facilitated in a conference room setting at locations throughout the United States. Look at our upcoming trainings page to find a location nearest you.
Can we host a Trainers Course at a site in our district?
  • If a district would like to train multiple school sites and develop a team of certified trainers within a district, we do implement trainings at district facility. Contact the PLUS office to tailor a training program to fit your needs.
Can we send multiple staff members to a single training?
  • Yes. We encourage a team of staff members to attend, as the PLUS Program becomes stronger on a campus when more people are wrapped around it.
Are purchase order accepted?
  • Yes. We can take purchase orders as well as online payments.
Once I become a PLUS Trainer, can I train other schools in and outside of my district?
  • Yes. The school that is to be trained will still need to purchase an implementation kit from the PLUS Program before they are trained.
Can I charge a consultant fee for the trainings I do for other schools?
  • Yes. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact the PLUS office for further details.
How much is the Trainers Course?
  • Training Course prices vary, depending on possible partnerships and sponsorships of the training. See our upcoming trainings page for all training prices.
Who do I contact for further details about the PLUS Trainers Course?
  • Email us at –