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Offsite Training Option:

Steps to Develop the PLUS Program

Step 1:

Establish a Team of Staff Members to Serve as Oversight

For any program development to be successful there must be a strong team of staff members dedicated to the implementation of the strategies.  The first step in establishing the PLUS Program is to identify a team of staff members who will be responsible for the day to day operation of PLUS.  A PLUS Staff team should consist of 3-5 staff members.  We recommend:

  1. An Administrator who is responsible for Safe Schools Plans, PBIS/MTSS, LCAP, and/or School Climate.
  2. Counselors who might be part of the PBIS/MTSS and SEL efforts.
  3. A Teacher who will be the Class Advisor and works hands on with the students selected to be the PLUS Team.
    1. This could be the Activity Director with the right modifications to the youth leadership department structure.
  4. Other staff members who have been part of the PLUS Staff Team, included:
    1. School Resource Officer
    2. Coaches and Athletic Director
    3. Campus Security
    4. Multi-Media and Art Department Staff

The identified staff members will attend the PLUS Certified Trainers Course.

Step 2:

 Purchase the PLUS Program Implementation Kit

All schools implementing the PLUS Program must purchase a PLUS Program Implementation Kit. This easy to follow step by step process walks staff through each component of PLUS Program development, as well as the resources to sustain PLUS each year. The PLUS Program Resources enables sites with the strategies to build a youth participatory action research program, while gathering unlimited data with survey assessments.

Purchase the PLUS Program Resources and become an identified PLUS organization.

  • Includes annual license for Direction Survey and online PLUS Exchange.
  • PLUS Program Manuals 1-3 and online resources
  • Student Workbook & Teacher Guide in printable .pdf form
  • PLUS Training Manual and Powerpoint
  • Phone and online consultation is included, as the PLUS Office will help staff set up PLUS for successful program implementation.

Online Curriculum and Survey Development


Mandatory for PLUS Program Implementation

Step 3:

Get Trained - PLUS Staff Attend a Certified Trainers Course

All PLUS Staff Members must attend The 2-Day PLUS Certified Trainers Course, which is designed for staff members to learn the concepts and gain critical insight to oversee the development of the PLUS Program. Participants will get hands on experience working with our unique model and learn how to work PLUS alongside School Safety Plans, Accountability Plans and as a component within Multi Tier Systems of Support.

This comprehensive two-day training will equip staff members with a a strong understanding of how to build positive school climate and the impact on youth development, student engagement and developing a safe school environment for all students. Participants will learn the fundamentals to successfully implement the PLUS Program on a school site or in an after school setting. Participants learn a researched based model that utilizes a series of elements that will:

  • Build Student Connections with the development of peer to peer programming.
  • Gather qualitative and quantitative data using a student led activities and online survey tools.
  • Guide student leadership activities as a result of data findings.