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PLUS Program Implementation Kit

A comprehensive set of tools have systematically come together and make up the PLUS Program Implementation Kit.  The Survey and Resource Database will save schools sites thousands of dollars and time, with the flexibility to create unlimited surveys for students, staff and parents.  Included also are easy to follow program development guides, classroom curriculum and other online tools which will help staff members build a researched based Peer to Peer Program.  Don't wait to get trained, staff members can immediately begin to gather data and get a pulse on their campus trends.

Begin by Purchasing the PLUS Program Implementation Kit

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  • Staff will be given a set of tools that will enable them to immediately begin to develop the PLUS Program on their site. These easy to follow tools include:
    • Unlimited Online access and support to the Direction Survey and Resource Database. Made for educators by educators, this unique online tool gives staff a simplified means that will enable for unlimited survey development and data gathering.
    • PLUS Program Development guides. This set of manuals and appendixes guide PLUS staff through a series of steps to build a researched based peer to peer program on a campus.
    • PLUS Team Development online Curriculum.
    • PLUS Team Development Teacher Guide and Student E-books- This interactive classroom curriculum serves as a resource to help an advisor develop the skills of the youth leaders who will be facilitating the activities of the PLUS Program. A variety of lessons have been tailored to enhance the skills of the PLUS Team member. Activities include situation and scenarios, listening and communicating, self discovery, team discovery, emotional assessments, and more.
    • PLUS Program Online Activity Development and Resource Center
      • Unlimited access to a library of lessons and activities that serve as intervention activities for identified behaviors that impact student engagement and school climate.
      • Access to identify service providers, online resources and funding opportunities to be utilized in program development
      • Modified license to utilize PLUS Program logos for duplication and approved product development.