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This comprehensive two-day training will equip staff members with a a strong understanding of how to build positive school climate and the impact on youth development, student engagement and developing a safe school environment for all students. Participants will learn the fundamentals to successfully implement the PLUS Program on a school site or in an after school setting. Participants learn a researched based model that utilizes a series of elements that will:

Build Student Connections with the development of peer to peer programming.
Gather qualitative and quantitative data using a student led activities and online survey tools.
Guide student leadership activities as a result of data findings.
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Participants of the Trainer Course Include:

Counselors,Teachers, and Administrators
After School Program Staff
School Activity Directors
School Resource Officers and Campus Security
PBIS Staff, Safe School Coordinator, LCAP Committee Members

Training Learning Objectives:

Participants of a PLUS Trainer Course will learn:

Research findings and recommendations for building a safe school environment.
How to utilize a series of activities that serve to:
Build student connections.
Gather qualitative and quantitative data.
Empower students with opportunities for program development planning based on data findings.
The Direction Survey and Resource Database and how to administer surveys both online and with PDF Printouts.
How to administer the National Youth At Risk Surveys to gather deeper understand of specific targeted behavior.
Survey development design and proper school wide implementation.
How to work alongside and plug into the elements of PBIS on a campus.
How to effectively build a student led peer to peer program that includes:
Advisor responsibilities
Student selection process
Activity implementation
Forum development
Budget and funding strategies
Student and staff trainings
Data Gathering and school climate activity implementation
Activities to use in table top scenario trainings with students.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the trainings held at?
All Certified Trainer Courses are facilitated in a conference room setting at locations throughout the United States. Look at our upcoming trainings page to find a location nearest you.
Can we host a Trainers Course at a site in our district?
If a district would like to train multiple school sites and develop a team of certified trainers within a district, we do implement trainings at district facility. Contact the PLUS office to tailor a training program to fit your needs.
Can we send multiple staff members to a single training?
Yes. We encourage a team of staff members to attend, as the PLUS Program becomes stronger on a campus when more people are wrapped around it.
Are purchase order accepted?
Yes. We can take purchase orders as well as online payments.
Once I become a PLUS Trainer, can I train other schools in and outside of my district?
Yes. The school that is to be trained will still need to purchase an implementation kit from the PLUS Program before they are trained.
Can I charge a consultant fee for the trainings I do for other schools?
Yes. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact the PLUS office for further details.
How much is the Trainers Course?
Training Course prices vary, depending on possible partnerships and sponsorships of the training. See our upcoming trainings page for all training prices.
Who do I contact for further details about the PLUS Trainers Course?
Email us at -