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Phase 2: Program Development

Stakeholder Network Development

  1. Oversight Committee Training
    1. Training will focus on the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders network
    2. Overview of Direction Survey and PLUS Program Development

Staff Development

  1. PLUS Advisors Program Development Training
    1. Training will focus on building lessons, activities, and ongoing program strategies for advisors to implement throughout the school year. This can include as many staff members as needed.
      1. Includes PLUS Program Curriculum Manuals 1-3
      2. Includes PLUS Training Curriculum How to Develop the PLUS Team Member – Teacher Guide and Student Workbook
  • Includes access to the PLUS Exchange for all online materials and curriculum
  1. Follow up PLUS Staff training
    1. Training to assess program development and data findings.
    2. Assess activity implementation and needed areas of program development.

Student Development

  1. PLUS Team Recruitment Seminar
    1. 1 hour assembly/training implemented to a hand picked group of natural leaders on a school campus. Purpose is to introduce the PLUS Program and seek to recruit non-traditional leaders to participate in the PLUS Program
      1. Introduction to PLUS
      2. Creating a Commitment
    2. This training must be implemented prior to student selection for the PLUS Team.
  2. PLUS Team Facilitator Training (Students and Advisor)
    1. Training to develop the PLUS Team leaders. This can be implemented over multiple days. All PLUS Team leaders will unite to build a cohesive identity that will reflect the PLUS team, while learning the needed skills to facilitate PLUS activities.
    2. Set up Youth Participatory Action Research program for PLUS Team to implement throughout school year.
  3. PLUS Team Follow up Training
    1.  Training to assess action plans and needed program development.