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Phase 1: Data Integration

Data Integration and Survey Development

  1. Implement Set up Direction Survey and Resource Database as online assessment and survey tool for school site and district
    1. Full Day Training for identified staff who oversee data integration on campus.
      1. Could include: counselor, administration, PBIS/MTSS Staff, Site Council and stakeholders network.
    2. Includes 1-year subscription to Direction Survey and PLUS Exchange
      1. Includes Online Access to PLUS Program Curriculum Manuals 1-3
      2. Includes PLUS Training Curriculum How to Develop the PLUS Team Member – Teacher Guide and Student Workbook

Data Gathering - School sites will begin gathering data as soon as Direction Survey Development training is implemented.

  1. Align Survey Development to district initiatives
    1. MTSS/PBIS
    2. School Safety Plans
    3. ESSA - LCAP