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John Vandenburgh –
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•John Vandenburgh has spent a career working in education and the field of youth development. He has been a teacher, school site administrator and district safe school coordinator. The hands on experience of working in the field of youth development and safe schools has led to several programs and products now being used by schools and communities nationwide.
•John’s experience includes Pioneering the first internet safety social reporting tool for youth to utilize to address online harassment. He is the author of the Evidenced Based PLUS Program, a youth participatory action research curriculum that is being utilized by schools nation wide to gather data to address bullying, cyberbullying and building safer environments for all students to be included in. His most recent work includes developing the Direction Survey and Resource Database for schools and communities to utilize to trend youth behavior. John was featured in the award winning International Cyberbullying Documentary “SUBMIT”.
•Organizations John has presented his work to include:
– Office of Homeland Security
– California Attorney General Gang Summit
– National Youth at Risk Center
– California School Resource Officers’ Association
– Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs
– Urban Superintendents of America Association
•John has been awarded:
– As a Violence Prevention program developer, he received the “Ananda Guruge” (Ger – Gay) Lifetime Commitment Award, presented by Stop the Violence, Increase the Peace Foundation based in Los Angeles, California.
– As an Educator he received the California League of High Schools Educator of the Year Region X.